Yasmin Dar: Embracing Life

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Photo by Kerrie Inouye

Yasmin Dar’s name might ring a bell for Hawaiʻi residents from when she was traffic anchor for KITV4’s morning show.  In 2011, she departed for Eugene, Oregon to become an evening news anchor for KVAL.  However, soon after giving birth to her first born, her and her husband realized “home” was the best place to be.  Yasmin stays busy with her current role as digital media specialist for Governor David Ige along with co-managing a business and raising two children!  The University of Hawaiʻi alumni recently shared with me how she embraces every experience and opportunity.  See what she had to say on life, parenthood, and achieving fulfillment below…

imageDescribe a memorable childhood experience.  Traveling to Europe with our family was one of the most incredible experiences as a child.  I remember missing my Jr. Prom for that trip but I didn’t care at all.  It was one whole month traveling from the UK to France and then all around Italy.  It really made me appreciate the different cultures we were exposed to and even inspired our family to change a few of our habits when we got home. For example, our travels encouraged us to recycle more and taught me to be less wasteful.

What values did your parents instill in you?  My parents always taught me that education was the most important thing that no one could ever take away from me.  In addition to completing my BA in Biology and MA in Communications, I also have my real estate license, and studied ‘Healing Touch’, which is an energy therapy.  Through these experiences, it’s allowed me to explore different professional fields throughout my 20’s.  Eventually I found my passion in broadcasting.  Learning is limitless and will only expand your horizons in life.

Lessons learned from your broadcast journalism career?  Change is constant and if you are resistant to the evolution of media, then this industry isn’t for you.  There will always be someone younger and more tech savvy than you who is hungry and willing to learn so you have to be on top of your game.  Through the evolution of media consumption and social media, it has forced the broadcast industry to keep up and I absolutely loved it.


What was the purpose of launching Dolkii?  Dolkii is a collaboration between my sister Shaiyanne and I.  We both knew we wanted to own our own business and this is a combination of what we know best: fashion, e-commerce and social media.  Dolkii started as a project in high school, which later evolved into a fashion blog and then eventually into an online store, which launched in 2015.  The name came to me after a trip to Pakistan in high school.  A dholki is actually a percussion instrument that they use during weddings. It has a very unique sound that evokes the feeling of love, celebrations and can even put you in a meditative state.  So, I changed the spelling to reflect my personal take on the word.

How has motherhood changed your life?  Gianluca has brought tremendous joy to both our families.  He is a ball of light and pure love!  He definitely knows how to test our patience and right now he’s at an age where his little mind is like a sponge.  It’s a learning lesson every single day, but I embrace the challenge.

Having a daughter (Zoya) really brings it full circle for me because as a female, I want her to understand that nothing and no one can stop her from reaching her goals and dreams.  The same is absolutely true for my son as well.  I want my children to know that they will grow up to be strong, smart, respectful and giving individuals in our society and that they can achieve anything they want in life.


How has family and your experiences influence how you live your life?  My mom has always taught me that nothing is impossible to achieve just because you are a woman.  You can have a family and a successful career(s) while staying true to your values.  Personally, I believe that finding true success in all aspects of your life comes from finding happiness with yourself first.  That joy will spread to other parts of your life and becomes a ripple effect onto other people.  I also believe that having a partner who you love, respect and support equivocally is also very important.  My husband is incredibly supportive when it comes to my endeavors.  Not only is he encouraging but he also keeps it real with me. We both focus on what is most important to us to make our businesses and family successful.  imageThe key to feeling fulfilled is… to be grateful for the blessings that you receive and to always give in return.  No matter how successful you become, always remember to give back to your community.  It’s the best feeling in the world knowing that you have made a difference in someone else’s life.

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