Mikhaila Christian: Passion and Drive

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Photo by Kaimana Pinē

Photo by Kaimana Pinē

Don’t let this personable, Latina mix beauty deceive you.  Mikhaila Christian is a force of nature.  She launched two businesses and a non-profit within the last two years and is excited about future collaborations.  “I’m either all in or not,” says the 28-year-old Los Angeles native.

Mikhaila grew up in foster care and lost her parents through illness.  Her mother died from HIV and her father from cancer.  She emancipated herself at the age of seventeen and was determined to better herself.  She graduated from UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television at nineteen (AMAZING!) and did a few projects but couldn’t find her footing in the industry.  Her aspirations to be a film director soon diminished and in 2010, she took a life-changing trip to New York City.  “The city was overwhelming and I drowned myself in the party lifestyle,” recalls Mikhaila, “but I am thankful for the experience because  I returned to Los Angeles a new person.”  She made a decision to not ever drink alcohol again and committed to a healthy, clean eating lifestyle.  She has never looked back.

Prior to her relocation here, Mikhaila spent many summers and winters with her Aunty in Maui.  She knew Hawaiʻi was home and made it a reality in 2013.  Mikhaila is currently a raw food culinary chef and founder of Super Sexy RAW, a nutrition business offering health coaching, specialized meal plans, cooking classes, and health education workshops.  She collaborates with other vegan chefs to sponsor programs and events that teach our community to live a healthy lifestyle.  “I feel like I’ve found my calling.  My job is to show people the importance of caring for yourself and how to do that.  Health is your greatest wealth.”

Photo by Kaimana PinēBazaar Collection is Mikhaila’s other love.  She created this platform to provide fair trade and exotic handmade pieces designed by artisans around the world.  Her first swim suit line is anticipated to launch later this month.  “I love connecting with local artists,” Mikhaila says, adding “I believe of being a fan of your competitor. When you collaborate, magic happens!” Her sustainable swimwear collection will debut custom print by local Hawaiʻi designers made using organic and recycled materials.

She is a driven and passionate business woman along with being mindful and consistent in what she does.  Mikhaila loves to read and it is how she stays current in her fields of interest.  Her actions reflect her healthy and sustainable lifestyle.  She also believes in giving without expecting anything in return – this is what giving truly means.  A percentage of her business revenue will go towards her newly formed non-profit, Woman of Substance, an organization that will help former female addicts acquire tools and knowledge necessary to lead a positive and healthy lifestyle.

Similar to the purpose of my blog, Mikhaila is launching a podcast next month to share inspiring stories.  She interviews chefs and local community members who she feels are making a meaningful community impact.


So how does she juggle all these projects and keep herself sane?!  Mikhaila’s mentors create her support system.  She grounds herself daily by meditating and being thankful. “It’s important to always remember that you can start over and pick up at any moment,” she says.  Her business advice – “be personable and don’t take anything personally!”

Stay current and follow Mikhaila on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.




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