Edwina the Creator

Photo: Eric Miyasato

Raised as a military brat, I was born in Japan and spent my early childhood in California.  My family then made a cross-country trip that ended in New Jersey, where I grew roots and stayed for nearly twenty years.  Influenced by Filipino culture and traditions, I was raised with a well-rounded palate and an open mind.  I earned a BA in Psychology from Rutgers University, and later a Master’s in Educational Leadership from Argosy University.

Although I enjoyed what the tri-state area offered, I knew I was meant to be somewhere else.  I quit my job and relocated to a place I never visited before—Hawaiʻi!  Since December 2004, I have been living on the island of Oʻahu and now call Hawaiʻi home.

I enjoy the outdoors and am always looking for adventure.  I love connecting with people through story, laughter, and food.  There is always a story to be inspired by.  You just have to discover it.