Alice Inoue: Define, Align, and Balance

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Photo: Eric Miyasato

Alice Inoue has been on an inspiring path for nearly fifteen years and leads a life most of wish we had the courage to live.  She wakes up every morning with so much excitement and joy.  “I call this internal expression divine inspiration,” says the University of California alumna.  “I love what I do.”

Inspiring others towards seeing new possibilities is a mission Alice and I share.  Alice is a Life Guide and a household name in Hawaiʻi.  Her expertise in astrology, feng shui, and life guidance is recognized worldwide.  In 2013, she expanded her consultancy to include Happiness U, a school for adults in Honolulu that provides advice and inspiration about life and happiness.  I spent some time with Alice in her serene downtown office to gain insight on how she maintains the energy to continually provide inspired life guidance.

“It’s learning how to align and balance yourself,” says the Chief Happiness Officer of Alice Inoue Life Guidance, LLC.  Navigating through life came with more ease when her path became clear to her.  This included figuring out her purpose, realizing her gifts to give, and knowing how she wants to be remembered.  It takes time and work but she believes this clarity provides you with a more centered life.  Alice explains that you will outgrow people during this process.  “Not everyone will align with you and that’s okay.  You cannot please everyone.  If you are not there for them, someone else will be.  Acceptance of yourself and others is essential.”

She reads her purpose statement daily to remind herself what her primary purpose is: to be a master life guide. “I write, speak, create, and share my unique brand of guidance through my books, classes, consultations, presentations, and all forms of media.  I am here to create a culture of influence unique to my purpose and essence.  In this lifetime as Alice Inoue, my ultimate goal is to make a local, national and global mark on this planet through Happiness U.  I do this by sharing without compromise the greatest wisdom, most heartfelt love and most powerful principles of life with the greatest number of people.”  Anything that aligns with her purpose gives her energy.

Knowing how to go with the flow is also crucial.  When there is resistance, energy is lost.  “We tend to see things as either good or bad,” says Alice, who is a regular columnist for the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.  There needs to be an understanding that every positive has a negative and vice versa.  “We also need to learn to give and receive.  It’s an even exchange of energy.  Life is balanced.  It’s our perspective that is out of balance.”

The idea of establishing Happiness U was not embraced by business advisors and banks.  It was an enormous financial risk and Alice’s friends didn’t want to see her fail.  It was suggested that she build her business on-line but she didn’t listen to them.  She strongly believed in her vision of having a school that helped people find meaning in their lives – creating a space where people can connect without measuring self-worth by the number of followers and likes.  When faced with a challenge, Alice finds her balance to overcome it.  She steps back from the situation and commits time to finding the benefits. “Ask yourself ‘How is this benefiting me?’ instead of ‘Why is this happening to me?”, she says.  In this case, she appreciated how difficult it was for people to start a business; learned to be more creative; and felt supported by those who believed in her.  Alice eventually obtained some of the funding needed and supplemented the rest with her life savings.  Happiness U has welcomed more than 2,000 people since opening its doors.

When asked how she wants to leave a legacy, she responded by showing me her obituary.  “If you don’t know how you want to be remembered, then how do you know where to go?”  This guides the choices she makes daily.  How does Alice want to be remembered?

“Always seen with a smile on her face, she was considered a leading force on the world stage of self-growth, and spent the latter part of her life helping others find inspiration by changing their perspectives.  She has had a global impact on spiritual consciousness, given people hope, happiness and inspiration, and left her mark on the hearts of many.”

Alice truly knows who she is.  This clarity inspired me to fine-tune my purpose in life and how I want to make my mark on this world.  She encouraged me to “Make what is valuable to you your focus, and give yourself permission to shine.”

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  1. Thank you Edwina for sharing my story! Thank you Eric taking such great photos! I am so blessed to know both of you. Thank you for doing what you do!


    • Gooch says

      Alice, Iv’e heard so much about you, my Aunty Gail always speaks the world about you. Hope to meet someday, may you’re life continue to thrive and inspire.

      Me ke aloha nui…


  2. I’ve been following Alice’s path since I first met her in the early 1990s. She has always been and continues to be an inspiration!


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