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Life Has New Meaning

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Each year, I go through a process to create a vision board and this includes reflecting on the year.  How I view 2016 feeds into my goals for the following year.  Losing a loved one to a terrorist attack, my first hospitalization, traveling to six cities, getting engaged and finding out I was pregnant summed up my 2016!  Some say it was an “eventful” year but you know, every year is the same.  I love my life. […]

Alice Inoue: Define, Align, and Balance

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Photo: Eric Miyasato Alice Inoue has been on an inspiring path for nearly fifteen years and leads a life most of wish we had the courage to live.  She wakes up every morning with so much excitement and joy.  “I call this internal expression divine inspiration,” says the University of California alumna.  “I love what I do.” Inspiring others towards seeing new possibilities is a mission Alice and I share.  Alice is a Life Guide […]

Lena’s Story: Letting The Chapter End

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Photo: Eric Miyasato For some of us, our early childhood hold memories of an intact family – attending family functions together, camping, vacationing Lake Tahoe, making ono (delicious) dishes in the family kitchen, and going to the beach.  For Lena Hanson, these are her childhood memories.  “I loved being with my family”, says the successful Hawaiʻi make-up artist.  Having a routine and just knowing that her family was there gave Lena comfort.  However, her parents […]