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A New-Found Appreciation

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There I was, catching my first glimpse of the outside world in nearly a week. The sight of the clear sky, wispy clouds, and calm ocean blue waters warmed my heart.  I was finally relocated to a room with a window which thankfully ended up being my last day here at the hospital. What happened to me was unexpected.  It started with a slight pain on my lower right side. Initially, I thought I slept […]

My Vision Board – Dreams With Deadlines

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LaToya Little Thanksgiving is my favorite time of the year to visit family.  There’s something comforting about being surrounded with winter and holiday decor and sharing home cooked meals with family.  It’s tradition for my sister and I to take our Mom to New York City and watch a Broadway play.  And my friend LaToya Little and I do our best to spend “girl time” together. LaToya and I were high school classmates during our sophomore […]