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Mitzi Toro: Sharing Aloha, One Cookie At A Time

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There is something comforting about cookies, homemade cookies that is.  Meet Mitzi Toro, a long-time cookie enthusiast and founder of The Maui Cookie Lady.  Her giant sized cookies are hand rolled using the highest-quality ingredients.   The unique flavor combinations and use of locally made alcohol have made her product popular.  Initially sold at a farmer’s market, you can now find her gourmet cookies at Maui hotel and resorts such as the Grand Wailea and […]

A New-Found Appreciation

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There I was, catching my first glimpse of the outside world in nearly a week. The sight of the clear sky, wispy clouds, and calm ocean blue waters warmed my heart.  I was finally relocated to a room with a window which thankfully ended up being my last day here at the hospital. What happened to me was unexpected.  It started with a slight pain on my lower right side. Initially, I thought I slept […]